According to my research, I discovered that George Mason’s management major is the academic goal I have been pursuing. INTO Mason’s Pathway program provided me the abundant learning resources and professional academic environment, which meets my expectations and wishes ex. The education system and culture in the United States are completely different from what I experienced in China. I realize that I must accept different ways of education and study skills. In order to achieve my academic goal, I try to use the academic writing methods, reading habits, expression skills and critical thinking that I mastered in my discipline.

For me, the pathway program’s learning experience is a valuable asset before I went to Mason’s graduate program before which would reflect at my study. For example, in the EAP 507 course, the most important project for us is the Multidisciplinary Colloquium Project (MCP). We have done this research and work together on the research progress with group members. First, I learned how to effectively find the useful and targeted literature on the Internet. There are many tools and websites, such as Google Scholar, and so on. It is can be a useful ability for me to promote my graduate study. Second, I have learned how to extract and integrate a research project with well-developed rhetorical elements. According to the annotation, We can clearly see the purpose of this document, methodology, new finding and so on. In that situation, we can deeply understand what this research want to explore and inspire our thoughts by the new offerings. Third, I have learned how to synthesize sources for the purpose of a clear research result. Our research needs a lot of literature support so I tried to integrate different literature so that we can use it well.

What skills I learned and abilities I developed during pathway program would help me a lot to prepare my graduate program. I am very skilled at collecting literature and integrate literature. Many major courses require us to search lots of information and knowledge about our field. What’s more, I gain many presentation skills, including group presentation and personal presentation. We also need do some presentations to show our research achievement.

Through a variety of learning during the pathway program, I gain many academic strengths and advantages that I think I can bring to my graduate study. For instance, I learned how to efficiently collect useful literature synthesize and integrate them together. In the graduate course, we need to review a large amount of literature to develop our project research. In addition, I develop a lot in giving presentation skills and group communication skills. I believe that I can by my strengths.

The Antonin Scalia Law School George Mason University.  Photo by:  Ron Aira/Creative Services/George Mason University

The Antonin Scalia Law School George Mason University. Photo by: Ron Aira/Creative Services/George Mason University