Statement of Purpose

Creativity is the dominant factor and the first driving force that encourage and inspire me to do more research in business management field. In addition, the unpredictable fluctuations and changes in the financial market fascinate me a lot. The concept of operating a business and the risks involved in the business made me excited for years. While reading the book “Steve Jobs”. I was impressed by a sentence from Steve Jobs, who founded Apple company, which stated “Have good ideas are going to insist, don’t be others’ opinion noise drown out your own inner voice. When your ideas stand, immediately magnanimous discard it is, and it is also a kind of persistence”. Steve Jobs’s innovation and reform of Apple’s company has brought huge changes to the entire industry. I also saw that creativity can bring tremendous energy to the commercial and business field. My interest, as well as involvement with business management, have been developed a lot.

I got a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Hunan University of Science and Technology in China. When I studied in the undergraduate program, I found that I eager to gain some experiences in a well-known company or an international enterprise. When I know that I am able to enter one of the famous Chinese business banks as an intern, I realize that this is a new and difficult challenge for me. For example, I spent a month and a half as an intern at the bank with my primary task to learn how to meet every customer with a professional attitude. My daily workplace is the lobby of the bank which is the foundation of a bank. By learning from my lobby manager, I know that the lobby manager is the link connecting customers, cash drawer, and customer managers. My main job includes guiding the clients to handle daily issues, maintaining the order in the lobby, and printing and copying customer’s files. My boss taught me a lot of basic principles and manners in my position. Moreover, I also established the network in the banking industry and get some customer resources. For instance, I received 50 customers one and apply 10 credit cards to the customers in one day. I am already proficient in dealing with clients on the application card. During this time I learned how to communicate with customers and how to make customers satisfied with our services. This position has also improved my ability to communicate with others and allowed me to confirm my goals and plans for the future.

My undergraduate professor advised me to pursue the master degree even Ph.D. if I want to get advanced professional knowledge and become the professional of a higher level. I am a regular reader of the British Journal “The Economist”, enjoying keeping and tracking the latest economic news in order to follow the trend of current financial markets. I also like to read books like novels and non-fiction. My favorite book is The Buffett Way: Investment Strategies of the World’s Greatest Investor. This book gives me a different understanding of the financial market and provides me lots of creative ideas. What’s more, I learned that combining creativity and practical experience could succeed in business decision-making.

My academic background and internship experience have a significant impact on my Master’s degree. Based on my investigation, George Mason University, which can provide me a high-quality academic environment, has advanced teaching resources and professional faculties and staffs. What’s more, George Mason can provide the wide networking and abundant alumni resources for international students because international students come from many different countries and have different cultures. I am glad to share my opinions with my classmates as well as I expect other people can enrich my insight with their creative thoughts.

In addition, in order to catch up the trending of business and economic and achieve more accomplishment in career, I decided to pursue the master degree in Management. I firmly believe that the master of management will improve my knowledge level of business and economics and enhance my understanding of business. At this point, I can apply the skills I learned to future career challenge and make a connection to my career plan. I seem to be working in my dream securities company and applying my knowledge of business management to my work after I get master’s degree from George Mason University. My long-term career goal is that I would like to work in a securities company and then develop my parent’s business that requires learning the system of business management knowledge in the graduate program.

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